What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process that offers couples an alternative to the traditional and litigious adversarial approach to divorce.

How Mediation Works

In a mediated divorce, you hire me jointly to act not as an advocate for either side but as a neutral mediator to help you discuss and resolve the issues of your separation. As your mediator, I will assist you in developing a plan to address the complicated issues that you are facing.

Rather than each of you paying an attorney to present your views to your spouse, I will help you both to do this in mediation sessions.

My Role as Mediator

In my role as your mediator, I will serve as a neutral party to your negotiations.

I will help you understand the divorce process, guide discussions and help both of you to express your opinions and concerns. As your mediator, I will also help you to brainstorm options, provide you with information on outside resources and help you to understand the implications of your decisions.

I will not "take sides" and will try to provide equal time to both of you. However, in your marriage roles, one of you may have been more verbal in negotiating, and I am also here to help achieve a balance.

What a Mediator is Not

The mediator is not an attorney advocate, psychotherapist or marital counselor. As your mediator, I will be a neutral facilitator of the decision making process.

Mediation and the Law

Mediation does not replace the law, but rather takes place “in the light of the law.” I will make sure that you have access to all Massachusetts divorce laws and will support consultations with your attorney to advise you about the law.

For more information, please see the Benefits of Mediation page.

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