Benefits to the Mediated Approach

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I am sure you have heard friends talk about the wild amounts of money spent to get divorced. I often hear figures in the tens of thousands of dollars. Mediation can save you money.

A "typical" mediated divorce may comprise 10 mediation hours, at a cost of approximately $2,000. You may also incur other expenses as you consult occasionally with your attorney, tax professional or appraisers. Both parties usually split all costs. Because you will have worked out the terms of your separation yourselves instead of paying attorneys to negotiate for you, a mediated divorce can result in considerable financial savings.


The mediation process helps you avoid a public airing in court of your private lives. After entering into a mediation contract with me, all communication is protected. The mediator may not testify in court or disclose to anyone any part of discussions, notes, drafts, emails or other communications that take place during the course of the mediation contract. The mediation is protected under Section 23C of Chapter 233 of the Massachusetts General Laws.


The time taken to reach an agreement is up to you and not determined by the court or attorneys' other commitments.


The goal of mediation is to arrive at an agreement of your own design, based your intimate knowledge of your own lives. The court system does not have the time to really understand who you both are and what needs you may have.

Often, before even meeting with the judge, lawyers are asked to work to resolve issues with a court probation office mediator. Due to court schedules, it is not uncommon to have only the attorneys meet with this court officer, leaving you without an opportunity to participate in the discussion. Private mediation gives you both equal time to represent your views and concerns.

FlexibilityThe field of mediation is unique in its recognition of both the emotional and legal dimensions of family dissolution. ACResolution Jay Folberg

You are free to be creative and will be encouraged to be creative within the bounds of the law.

Reduces Emotional Toll of Conflict

The process of mediation helps you to understand and reduce the conflict at hand. By avoiding the adversarial approach, I will help you to present your concerns to each other in a way that will try to preserve the ongoing relationship that you may have. Especially if there are children involved, mediation can help to create a framework for future dispute resolution.

An Invested Agreement

When both parties have worked together to create an agreement, it is more likely to stand up to the test of time. The ability to develop the agreement, with the help of a mediator, is a corrective experience empowering each of you to know that future conflicts can be negotiated with dignity and respect for both parties.

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