Mediation SessionsPhoto of a mediated session

Getting Started––The Interview and Our Contract

The initial part of our first session is considered an informational interview and usually lasts 30 minutes. During this time I will talk to both of you about the process of mediation and answer any questions you have about how mediation will work for you.

After I have answered your questions, I will give you time to discuss privately how you would like to proceed. You may wish to sign a contract with me at that point or you may decide to take information home to consider the next step.

If you sign a mediation contract at the first session, I will give you information, budget forms and some “homework” to get you started.

There is no charge for the informational portion of the first meeting.

Gathering Information and Mediating an Agreement

After signing the mediation contract, we will begin gathering factual data, discuss the goals of the mediation and review a general plan of topics to be considered.

I will provide lists of information that will be needed and shared with each other at the mediation sessions. The more you are able to prepare for each session, the more effective that session will be. Preparation includes gathering copies of financial statements, thinking about your needs, consulting with government Web sites and reviewing decisions with other professionals as needed.

Session Times and Duration of the Mediation

Mediation sessions take place in private and are generally 1.5 hours long. The number of sessions needed will be determined by the complexity of the issues and the diligence of the participants. A “typical” divorce may take up to 10 hours of mediation.

Who Will Attend the Mediation Sessions?

Generally speaking, all sessions will be held with both of you present. There may be exceptions at times, and I will explain to you why that might happen.

Resolving Issues through Mediation

I encourage you not to make decisions outside the room—please use me to help you. Remember, no decision is final until your attorney has made a filing with the court and the 90-day waiting period has ended.

Call me at 978-927-6396 for information or to set up an interview.