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About Me

I have been a psychotherapist in private practice in North Beverly, Massachusetts for over 23 years. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Albany University in New York, and have continued my education with extensive private psychotherapy training. The structure of my training was similar to the country’s major psychoanalytic institutes.It is unique and dynamic approach that was developed to make inroads into mental health work as an alternative to medical-model approaches. I hold a ten-year Certificate of Advanced Training.

Why Is My Approach Better?

In my practice, I consider myself a teacher and you a student. I teach innovative and compelling concepts that can help you feel and function better. Some therapy lacks solid feedback and well thought-out ideas. I will teach you practical theories that will be useful in your everyday life.

I will not respond to you with trendy jargon or inflexible labels. My approach is interactive, and  I encourage active discussion. I am not silent or shielded, and I will respond with to you with compassion and candor. I will encourage you to be a healthy skeptic regarding the theories that I will teach you. You should not incorporate new ideas into your thinking until they have passed your thoughtful scrutiny.

I will take you seriously, and I will not condemn either you or your problems. This is a very personal working relationship and I will be a thoughtful, encouraging partner as you work on changing your life.

My training is superior and emphasizes the understanding of human nature, belief systems, neurosis and the dynamics of relationships. I continue to examine and enhance my therapeutic approach. 

My private practice offers a confidential and personal setting. Many people comment on my office’s warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Contact Me & Directions

Please call me at 978-927-6396 if you would like to set up an interview appointment. Day, evening and Saturday hours are available.

My office is located right off Route 128 on the second floor at 2 Enon Street (Route 1A) in North Beverly. The North Beverly commuter rail stop is across the street.

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Call me at 978-927-6396 for information or to set up an interview.