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I Invite You to Interview MeGrowth itself contains the germ of happiness. Pearl S. Buck

I Do Not Charge for the Interview

The interview process is critical to selecting a good therapist. Unlike other consultants in your life, my theory and technique directly affect the kind of work I do with you.  I encourage questions about my training, personal background, beliefs and theoretical positions. This is very personal work that you will be engaging in, and you will want to find out who I am and what I have to offer.

Our Interview

I set aside a full, 50-minute session for you to interview me. Some people may use only 15 minutes; others may take the full session. If you have questions after you leave my office, please feel free to call and ask. Don’t worry about your interviewing abilities. I will certainly offer a lot of information to help spark a great discussion.

Therapeutic Approaches

There is no widely accepted therapeutic approach. There is instead a wide spectrum of therapeutic approaches, as well as variations in quality from poor to excellent. Therefore, keep in mind that not all therapists are the same and very few will offer you interview time to ask questions about their theories of practice.

You've been judging people for years and this judgment is probably your best guide to selecting a therapist.

Call me at 978-927-6396 for information or to set up an interview.