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Working with Maureen has been a positive life-changing experience. She not only helped me restore my self esteem, but she has also helped me achieve personal and professional goals I never thought possible. Today I have a superior quality of life which I attribute to Maureen’s thoughtful, empathetic teaching process and expertise in human dynamics.”

“Maureen Michaels is an excellent therapist. Her insights have helped me develop a healthier perspective on my life, and I am a stronger person for having been her student. Warm, compassionate and nonjudgmental, Maureen listens and takes concerns seriously and has guided me toward an understanding of the underlying causes of the issues that I face. This understanding is helping me to make constructive changes and to get more out of life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

With the help of Maureen and my dedication to helping myself I’ve gotten through a divorce, raised two daughters—one a college the other a high school graduate—and have a successful relationship with a wonderful woman. I now have the pleasure of enjoying my life and not suffering through it. I met Maureen many years ago as my first marriage was ending. I now look forward to our weekly meetings. As a business owner, I am faced with many situations. Her teaching of what makes me tick has helped tremendously in coping, moving on through tough choice and allowing me to enjoy my life."

"I never understood the difference between life and high quality living until I started working with Maureen.  I have parented in a healthier way, improved my career, and generally learned to think and therefore feel and behave differently.  My relationships are so much better because of my work with Maureen."

“Maureen has been a valued part of my life for many years now. Through her kind and practical teachings, she has greatly increased my awareness, giving me the tools to understand and process my thoughts and feelings in all areas of my life. Most importantly with these tools I know I am able to provide a healthy and happy home for myself and my children.”


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